Hyattsville Volunteer
Fire Department

Hyattsville Volunteer
Fire Department

Hook & Ladder 1

Truck 1 is a 2006 Seagrave 100’ tractor drawn aerial ladder. The vehicle is built on the Seagrave Marauder chassis, and includes seating for eight personnel. The vehicle was designed to serve the needs of a busy Truck Company, serving a dense suburban/metropolitan area.

Primary Specs

Keeping the vehicle simple and basic were the two fundamentals maintained during the design process. Some of the vehicle’s prominent features include:

  • Detroit, Series 60, 515 hp engine
  • Allison Automatic Transmission
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 10 KW Harrison hydraulic generator
  • 329 feet of usable ground ladders, both rear and side mounted
  • Aerial ladder rated 250 lbs. at 0 degrees elevation and full extension
  • Reduced profile aerial tip design to increase aerial maneuverability and ease positioning.
  • “A” frame outriggers, which allow the vehicle to be positioned for aerial use in very tight spaces, unlike most other aerial apparatus
  • Low-side trailer compartments and sliding doors on the tiller cab provide increased visibility for the Tillerman
  • Linex coated crew cab for increased wear resistance
  • 5 ventilation saws
  • Assorted hooks and other hand tools mounted on the vehicle exterior
  • Air conditioning (crew cab only)
  • David Clark headset system

Delivered: Fall 2006 | In Service: March 2007

Truck 1 in Photos - 2006 Seagrave

Truck 1 Over the Years