Benefits of Joining the HVFD

There are many benefits to becoming part of the Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department family.

Here are just a few to get you started.

The Firehouse Family
When you walk in the door of the HVFD, you’ll be home. You are not just a volunteer with a great organization with an important mission serving the community. You’ll find a second family waiting for you. Give back to your community in the process — neighbors helping neighbors.
Unmatched Experience

The HVFD has engine company, truck company, rescue squad, BLS & ALS emergency medical services that respond to nearly 6,000 calls annually. Bordering the nation’s capital, the HVFD is a busy, urban department with a wide array of emergency responses.

Best in Class Training

Whether you have tons of fire/ems experience or a rookie fresh to public safety, we offer numerous basic to advanced fire, rescue, EMS & leadership courses through county, state and federal programs as well as our own. These courses are free of charge to active members of the department and offer opportunity for progression through our operational roles and ranks.

Retirement & Tax Incentives

You may be a volunteer but that doesn’t mean there are not financial incentives. Active members with 25 years of active duty are afforded a generous annual retirement program with monthly benefits – and Maryland residents also receive a $4,000+ tax credit after three years of active service.

Progression Incentives

You dedicate your time to train, learn and progress through the organization — from being turned over as a Charge EMT or Interior Firefighter, to apparatus driver and officer. Our SAFER grant and other funding sources afford us the opportunity to reward active members making an impact with apparel, training transportation reimbursement, tools and more to help you perform your duties to the maximum level.

Live-In Bunkroom Program
Experienced Firefighter/EMTs can apply for our long-standing Live-in program, which provides living space in exchange for responding to significantly higher volume of calls. That’s right — the firehouse is really home to typically 12-18 first responders. College students from the area and throughout the country (in fact, the World) have come through the Hyattsville VFD’s live-in bunkroom program. Select positions are also available for experienced members who have full-time jobs.
Flexible Memberships

As firm believers in the concept that volunteers should be “good at a few things instead of poor at a lot,” – we offer the most flexible membership opportunities available. You can join Hyattsville VFD to just perform a specialized function or you can get involved in all of the volunteering opportunities we have to offer. Our members come from our community and throughout the region thanks to our robust offering of response services and family & friends atmosphere. Plus, scheduling is also a breeze with online calendars and shift schedules that ensure you balance your job, family and the HVFD.

Tuition Reimbursement

Thanks to our SAFER grant program, we’re able to offer active members a shared pool of tuition reimbursement for higher education — no matter what your major — through at least Spring 2023. Reimbursement level scales based on participation and overall requests per semester.

Duty Crew Meals

Duty crews are often afforded the opportunity to dine together with special meal events and low cost home made meals – firehouse food is the best!

Awards Program & Events

Every year we host an awards event where celebrate our continued growth as an organization as well as recognize our members who have gone above and beyond, participated in special projects or made an impact in the prior year. Plus, we regularly have other special events, cookouts, off-site gatherings and more.