Hyattsville Volunteers Accelerate Training at Live Fire Exercises, Evolutions

On Sunday, December 11th, Hyattsville volunteers participated in a live fire training exercise where they performed valuable skills used on the fire ground in a training environment along with the partnership of the University of Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute (MFRI).

During the exercise, crews practiced hose line advancement, placement, and search and rescue techniques. Chief Officers also had the opportunity to finesse and hone in on commanding different fire ground situations.

MFRI provided instructors to assist with conducting the live fire training and supporting crews. Hyattsville had 15 members as well as an ALS ambulance on standby.

During the training, Hyattsville maintained a for the rescue squad and BLS ambulance. In addition, the rescue squad ran a working fire with the task force in 14’s first due during the training event.

Photos courtesy 4th Battalion Photography. Visit them on Instagram here