HVFD Operates on Multiple Fires Since Early February

Hyattsville Volunteers have been busy responding to hundreds of incidents since February, including multiple working structure fires.

On Monday evening, March 8th, Truck 1 was dispatched on the working fire dispatch on an apartment fire in New Carrollton (Co. 28). The truck threw ladders and performed Rapid Intervention Team duties, while the engine dispatched soon thereafter stretched the 400′ line up Truck 1’s aerial to extinguish fire in the roof area.

On March 6, Truck 1 responded as the third due truck to a reported house fire in Bladensburg (Co. 9). Units arrived with smoke showing. The truck company crew threw ladders and opened up checking for extension before returning to service.

Early in the morning of March 3, Rescue Squad 1 responded as the search company for the reported house fire, also in Company 9’s area. The squad crew performed searches and checked for extension. (Co. 9 Photo)

On February 10th, Truck 1 was dispatched on the Working Fire Dispatch on a house fire in the 6500 block of Landover Road in Cheverly. The rescue squad was dispatched on the Fire Task Force.

On February 6th, Squad 1 was the first arriving special service on a house fire in Riverdale Heights. The squad crew made entry with Engine 9, completed searches and opened up for the engine. We send our best wishes to the Bladensburg Volunteer Fire Department members recovering from burns sustained while putting the fire out. He is now out of the hospital at the time of this post. Chief 1 also operated on scene. (Co. 9 Photo)