President Kevin King Announces Administrative Team for 2021

HVFD President Kevin King has announced his administrative team for 2021. Browse our operational officers for this year here.

Vice President Andy Levy
Fund Raising, Banquet, Historical, By-Laws

Treasurer Jon Hoerner
Assistant Treasurer Mike Rubenstein

Secretary Mike Alberston
Asst. Secretary Krista Barham

Committees / Working Groups

Banquet Andy Levy & Krista Barham

Building Thomas Falcone

Finance Jon Hoerner

Fundraising Dave Hang, Andy Levy & Dave Iannone

Grants Mike Rubenstein & Dave Iannone

Historical Mike Alberston

LOSAP/Statistics Dave Iannone

Outreach/Events Andy Levy

Recruitment/Retention Nick Seminerio. Mike Rubenstein & Dave Iannone (Advisor)

Social Media Nick Seminerio

Uniforms/Incentives Jessica Doermann & David Lizanne


Fire Commission John Carey

Administrative Advisors Dave Iannone & Thomas Falcone

County/State Association

Kevin King, John Carey, Andy Levy, Ryan Pidgeon, Jon Hoerner

Stephen Hulick, Thomas Falcone, Dave Iannone, Mike Albertson

Congratulations to all of our newly promoted and returning administrative officers and team members as we look forward to a great new year.