2018 Leadership & Officer Appointments Announced

Chief Dave Hang and President Thomas Falcone announced their 2018 leadership and officer appointments today, which were approved by the HVFD’s Board of Directors.

Operational Appointments for 2018

  • Deputy Chief (1A) – Jeffrey Kraus
  • Asst. Chief (1B) – Tristan Tricarico
  • Fire Captain (Executive Officer) – Mitchell Kannry
  • Fire Captain (House) – James Butler
  • Fire Captain – Greg Smith
  • Fire Captain – Josh Wortman
  • EMS Captain – Patricia Thomas
  • Fire Lieutenant – Chris Evans
  • Fire Lieutenant – Henry Sullivan
  • Fire Lieutenant – Ryan Pidgeon
  • Fire Sergeant – Pat Williams
  • Fire Sergeant – Joseph Valko
  • EMS Sergeant – Ian Kolmaister
  • EMS Sergeant – Brendan McLellan
  • EMS Sergeant – Aaron Mundt

Additional officers and acting officers for 2018 are expected to be announced in the near future.

Operational Assignments and Committees

  • Emergency Operations Tristan Tricarico, Asst. Chief
  • Administrative Services Jeffrey Kraus, Deputy Chief
  • EMS Operations Patricia Thomas, EMS Capt.
  • Executive Officer Mitchel Kannry, Capt.
  • House Captain Jimmy Butler, Capt.
  • Drivers Training Greg Smith, Capt.
  • Ambulance Q&A Billing Brendan McLellan, EMS Sgt.
  • CPR Ryan Wagstaff, EMT
  • EMS Supplies Aaron Mundt, EMS Sgt.
  • Community Outreach/Fire Prevention Jessica Doermann, FF
  • Training Officer Henry Sullivan, LT
  • EMS Training Ian Kolmaister, EMS Sgt.
  • MFRI Sign-Up Nancy Dana, HVFD Admin
  • Safety Officer Chris Evans, LT.
  • Apparatus Maintenance/Equipment Repair Josh Wortman, Capt.
  • Apparatus Engineer Sean Krum, FF
  • Map Book Update (Auto Cad) Jessica Doermann, FF
  • Staffing Officer Ryan Pidgeon, LT
  • Station Maintenance/Repair Sean Krum, FF
  • Supply/Property Officer Tim Bird, FF
  • Bunkroom Sr. Advisor/Coordinator Nick Bailey
  • Bunkroom Executive Officer Jonathan Strope, FF
  • Bunkroom Operations Pat Williams, Sergeant
  • Special Projects Mitchel Kannry, Captain

The Chief also appointed Chairs and members for the following committees: Driver’s Training, EMS Training, Safety, Officer Evaluation/Selection, Fire Prevention/Community Outreach, Operational Strategic Planning, Apparatus, Bunkroom Selection and Accident Review.

Administrative Appointments for 2018

  • Dave Iannone – Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning
  • Kevin King – Vice President, Recruitment/ Retention
  • Jon Hoerner – Treasurer
  • Mike Rubenstein – Assistant Treasurer
  • Nova Johns – Secretary/ LOSAP Coordinator
  • Vanessa Lugo – Assistant Secretary
  • Krista Barham – Assistant Secretary
  • Donald Moltrup – Historian
  • David Lizanne – Assistant to President (Logistics and Facilities)
  • John Carey – Liason to Fire Commission and to the Town of University Park
  • Josh Wortman – Apparatus Liason to President/Board

MSFA/PGVFRA Delegates and Alternates

  • Delegates: Thomas Falcone, Kevin King, Nova Johns, Andy Levy, David Lizanne
  • Alternates: Dave Hang, Dave Iannone, Stephen Hulick, Vanessa Lugo, Josh Wortman

The President also appointed Chairs and members for the following committees: Strategic Planning, Historical, Membership, Open House, Banquet & Special Events.

Congratulations to all of the new appointments and re-appointments. The HVFD is looking forward to another successful and safe year in 2018.