Truck Rehab, Member Accomplishments Highlight Busy, Successful 2016

2016 was a very successful (and safe) year for the Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department, one of our busiest on record on many fronts including continued growth of our membership, response capabilities and engagement with the community.

For the year, we responded to over 5,000 incidents with 5,921 unit responses, the third most on record. This included 2,729 fire/rescue unit responses (the most ever), 3,098 basic life support ambulance responses (4th highest every), 94 paramedic ambulance responses (highest yet), a record 1,624 engine company responses, 757 rescue squad calls (highest since 2006) and 348 truck company calls (out for rehab late Summer).

On the membership front, we added 44 new members in 2016 including 25 who joined us with prior fire/EMS training and/or experience. 

Our dedicated volunteers had over 60,000 documented staffing hours, not including training and events. This is a savings to taxpayers of over $3M.

Thanks to the significant support of our federal SAFER grant focused on volunteer recruitment and retention, we’ve been able to add a record number of new members the last two years and those volunteers, along with our veterans, continue to progress through the ranks of our organization. In 2016, we promoted at least 7 members to ambulance drivers, 15 new Charge EMTs (primary care provider) and 11 new EMS Field Training Officers (responsible for training and mentoring new members/new EMTs)

On the fire/rescue side, we welcomed the progression of at least 10 new engine, truck and/or rescue squad drivers to our ranks — these members, along with EMS drivers, undergo significant vehicle familiarization, parking lot and road time, monitored responses and more during the turnover process. We also turned over at least 15 new engine, truck and/or squad company interior firefighters.

For the calendar year, 135 operational, administrative and support volunteers were active with the department. 

Our full slate of top responders will be announced publicly following our annual public safety awards banquet (a joint event with our city police brothers and sisters) in February. 

We’re hopeful for another great year in 2017 — during which we will welcome our ladder truck back from a full rehab project as well an expected move to our temporary quarters in the former Red Cross building and potential start of construction on our new joint facility with the Red Cross.


HVFD Open House 2016
HVFD Open House 2016