Day Crew Was Busy Preaching Fire Safety & Prevention in October


Our always awesome county day crew and volunteers were busy throughout October, Fire Prevention Month, hosting or visiting 9+ schools and day care centers, interacting with nearly 300 kids (the majority of whom of course want to be firefighters when they grow up!)

The programs Company 1 worked with this year include:

  • Greenwood Pre-School
  • Greenwood Day Care (multiple groups)
  • Loving 2 Learn Child Care
  • Highland Park
  • Hyattsville Hills
  • Hyattsville Elementary
  • St. Matthews (multiple groups)
  • Northwestern Child Care
  • St. Jerome Academy (multiple groups)

These visits were in addition to our annual Open House & Kid’s Fire Safety Adventure Course, which was held October 12th and attended by more than 500 kids and their parents.

The HVFD’s station is crossed staffed with career and volunteer fire and EMS personnel — with county career personnel staffing most weekdays between 7am and 5pm with volunteers supplementing staffing. Volunteers staff the station the remainder of the time, including all weeknights, overnights, weekends and holidays — accounting for over 70% of all responses. The staffing partnership enables us to provide the best possible service to the community 24/7/365.