Unique Training Day: HVFD Visits, Learns at Gettysburg


The HVFD’s dedicated volunteers took part in a unique day-long training event on Saturday, November 1st, heading to Gettysburg National Military Park (Battlefield) for a day of camaraderie and education.

HVFD Photo
HVFD Photo

The company left the station at 7 a.m. by bus for the hour-long ride to Gettysburg. Members were encouraged to read one of several books prior to the trip, and our guide on site took us through a full day program. Topics includes parallel/lateral thinking, learning traps to avoid using history in a leadership program, anticipatory and proactive leadership, escalating commitment, off-ramp strategics, communication between leadership and members and more. The day included a tour of the Battlefield and a group lunch.

Leadership is essential to any organization and will often determine success or failure for any institution. The HVFD has sustained a long and rich history, with an impressive network of alumni who have achieved professional success throughout the fire service, locally and nationally. At the very core of that success has been our ability to develop a solid membership and produce leaders instilled with a principled and mentorship style of thinking. Saturday’s seminar is part of that continued tradition, with components transcending the fire service. However, we cannot diminish the enormous amount of parallels between military history and the fire service.

Our profession is dynamic and always evolving. Decision making under duress is vital for our operational members but is also just as important for our administrative leadership from an organizational perspective.

In addition to regular daily drills and training classes, the HVFD also takes one day every month, typically a weekend, to do a full day of training at the station, enabling us dedicated time to turn over members for various riding positions, train new members and more. The county coordinates these out of service training events ensuring other departments in the immediate area are available for response coverage.