HVFD EMS Strengthens with 11 New EMTs


Our membership has really stepped up in recent months with nearly a dozen new EMTs in our ranks as we continue to elevate the level of our overall Emergency Medical Services program.

Congrats to HVFD Volunteers Megan Hadley and Brendan McLellan for being turned over as Charge EMTs; Jonathan Strope and Brian Sumner for passing EMT Skills to receive Maryland EMT certification through NREMT reciprocity; Live-Ins Jason Guimond and Nathan Zeck for passing EMT Refresher and gaining their MD EMT through state reciprocity; Robert Read, Tina Szarko and Alex Bauer passed the accelerated summer Maryland EMT course; Vienna Pozner and Jessica Irving passed the semester-long EMT course. AWESOME job to all of our new EMTs!

With several members also taking part in various stages of Paramedic programs, nearly a dozen more members signed up for upcoming EMT courses and the impending placing in service of our new ambulance, the HVFD EMS program continues to grow significantly. Overall, the HVFD’s recruitment efforts have also stepped up in the last few years thanks to our SAFER grant and the tireless efforts of our dedicated recruitment team, EMS officers and support from the department’s leadership.

For more information on joining us as a Fire/EMS, EMS Only, Live-In or Admin/Support Volunteer, visit our Recruitment Center here.