Dedicated HVFD Volunteers Putting in ‘Overtime’ This Week

The HVFD SealThe dedicated members of the Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department will be putting in a little ‘overtime’ this week with multiple county holidays and our volunteer staffing utilization (VSU) day.

The HVFD’s volunteers provide staffing to about 75-80% of all responses — with 100% volunteer response from our station weekdays after 5pm through 7am the following morning, all county holidays and VSU days 1-2 weekdays per month. This week, our volunteers are not only providing our routine staffing including the entire holiday weekend, but for three of the six weekdays including our VSU Day on May 20th and county holidays on both Friday and Monday.

We have an excellent working relationship with our county-provided day crew and our volunteers provide additional staffing during daytime hours to supplement them as members are available. With the majority of our volunteers being full time students or having full time regular jobs, this critical working relationship is an important part of providing 24/7/365 fire, rescue and EMS response to our community.