Engine Company 1 – Class A Pumpers

Engine 11


Engine 11 (above) and Engine 12 (far below) are both Pierce Arrow 1250gpm Class A pumpers. Engine 11 is a 1990 and Engine 12 a 1988. Both feature
6-person cabs and 500-gallon water tanks.

Lines: Two 150′ crosslays (off either side), a blitz 3″ attack line cross lay, a 1.5″ trash line
off the front, front intake, 1600′ of 3″ supply line from
two beds, and a 250′, 300′ and 400′ attack line.

The units are equipped with BLS
first aid and oxygen, a HyrdraRam and Rabbit Tool, CO detector and GasTrac, a Positive
Pressure Ventilation (PPV) fan, water and dry chemical extinguishers, a small generator/light,
and other basic firefighting equipment.

The Engine Company averages about 1,000 calls annually on a variety of calls from
structure fires, brush fires, service calls, gas leaks, etc. The unit is the primary
response unit on all fire/rescue emergencies.

The units were purchased from Potomac Fire Equipment on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

In mid-1999, both units will undergo moderate rehabilitations, allowing them to stay in
service for at least another five years. They will likely be replaced sometime
between 2007 and 2010.

Engine 12